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Cancun Arrivals


Flying into Cancun (CUN) is another option to getting to Cozumel.  There is some travel time added to your journey, but at times and from some locations, it is the best or only option. If do you decide to fly into Cancun, we recommend you book your flight only during the day and your return flight in the early or mid afternoon. You need to allow plenty of time to arrive the airport to check in for your departure.


During the busy seasons and especially during holidays, flights to Cozumel can be cost-prohibitive so flying into Cancun can be a more economical option.


The trip from Cancun to Cozumel can involve a bus or private shuttle to Playa del Carmen and then a quick ferry ride to Cozumel.  The drive time is under one hour to Playa del Carmen and the ferry is about the same.  Your whole journey after clearing customs should be about 3 hours.


Another option is to take the commuter airline, MAYAir into Cozumel from Cancun.  This is a small commuter airline with several daily flights into CZM.


Taking the Bus


Getting to Playa del Carmen on a bus is easy and inexpensive. The buses are new, touring-type buses with a bathroom. We can recommend this mode of transportation as the most cost effective.  The Bus line is ADO.

After you collect your baggage, ask any airport employee where the buses to Playa del Carmen are located. From the International Terminal, turn right and walk to the end where you will see many parked buses.  If you should have arrived in the National Terminal or Charter you will need to take an airport shuttle to the International Terminal to reach the buses.


You can buy tickets for the bus from the porter at the podium stand where the buses are parked. Tickets will cost you about $10 USD one-way.

As a safety note, please keep your belongings with you until you are ready to load the bus.  Do not check with the bus terminal attendants.

Private Car Service

Matt and I have used two services for Cancun Transfer with a car service and have been satisfied with their service:

Other Private Shuttle Services


Also, you can always hire private shuttle service and share the trip with fellow travelers.  Below are some options for shared private shuttle services, a very reliable resource.



Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel


When you arrive in Playa del Carmen, both the bus and taxi will drop you off near the Ferry terminal.  You will need to walk towards the beach though a small plaza to find the ferry terminal, it is about a 10 minute walk. If you do have heavy bags, you can hire a tricycle porter for about $2 USD to assist you to the terminal.


There are three ferry companies running to Cozumel, Ultramar, Mexico Waterjets and Barcos:


They operate from 6am-11pm, almost every hour. You can buy your passage ticket at one of the kiosks as you walk towards the terminal. The trip is about $15 each way.   Only buy a one-way ticket as they do not honor each others fares and you may return with the other company!


In Cozumel, the ferry will drop you in the middle of downtown. You will be able to easily find a taxi there to anywhere on the island.



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