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Flying into Cozumel

Our airport in Cozumel is small, but well run and efficient. Going through customs is quick.  There are several airlines flying into CZM direct from many US and Canadian cities:

The airport is located on the North side of the Island.  Palmar is about 4 miles south of the Airport.  You will travel though the town to reach the building.  Once in the shuttle, it should take 15-20 minutes depending on how full the shuttle is with other travelers.

When you initially arrive to the Airport, official uniformed airport personal will direct you into the terminal.


To expedite the customs process, fill out all your forms on the airplane, there are two, one per person and one per family.  So be sure to have a pen handy on the flight.


Once in the airport, you will line up for immigration, and pass though.  You will claim your luggage on the belt.


After you claim your luggage you head to customs clearance.  There is a red/green traffic signal light for all baggage inspection and declarations. You will put all luggage including your carry-on baggage on the belt through the x-ray machine.


If after you press the button and it is GREEN no further inspection is required. If the light is RED then your luggage will receive a little more inspection.  Not an issue either way.


Next, you will just need to go past by the many people who ask you where you are staying and if you need a car.  They will want to lead you to their booth and try to sell you something or try to interest you in a “Time Share Presentation”.  Just politely ignore them: Por Favor, No Gracias!


If you have not arranged for a Rental Car, proceed to the right of the Terminal to the transportation booth; there is a blue sign with a “Bus” symbol, the “Collective Shuttle”.  This is reasonable priced, but exclusive Airport service.  We are not allowed to pick-up clients at the Cozumel Airport due to the taxi and shuttle Union.


Palmar and Residencias Reefs “Sur” on the price schedule for the shuttle and currently about 90-150 pesos or $9.00 to Palmar and $15.00 to Residencias Reefs.

The prices for shuttle are posted at the booth.  On the of chance the Shuttle Service is unsure of the either location, the actual physical addresses are:

Carretera Costera Sur KM 3.8, Edificio El Palmar Zona Hotelera Sur Cozumel

And the Reefs is Carratera Costera Sur 14KM

Once you get your voucher, you will wait just a short while to load, just enough time to get quick refreshment from the Margarita Stand!  You will be at your Home Away From Home soon!




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