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Getting Around

The town San Miguel is very easy to navigate.  The streets are laid out in a grid and are almost all numbered.  The roads that run North and South and are parallel to the seafront are the Avenues and are number in multiples of 5.  These roads, for the most part have the right of way.  The cross streets to the Avenues are Calles.  The odd numbered Calles are south of the town center and the even numbered Calles are to the north of town.  Most of these roads in town are one way, so look for the directional arrow on the white oval street sign.  There are new self service parking meters on the main coastal road in Town with Spanish and English instructions, be sure to get your ticket or you will be booted!  Do not park at a red curb anywhere, and if you are unsure it might be best to use one of the many parking lots available.

If staying at Palmar a rental car is recommended but not necessary.  The Cozumel Airport is only 4 miles away and we are happy to make transportation suggestions.  Jeep, scooter and bike rentals are available near by the building as well.  It is less than 2 miles from the Town Center, where there are two major grocery stores, all types of shopping, and so many options for dining.  There is also a convenience store located at the base of the building.

The Reefs and Villa Debra are located a little further south and are about a 15 minute drive into town.  We would recommend a rental car for your convenience during your stay.  There are some dining options and a convenience store near by, but to visit town a car of your own is best from this beautiful serene beach area.

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