We have made this very wonderful place our home. We moved here in July of 2010.  Cozumel is a special place in the world.  It is a great tourist destination because of the SCUBA, and snorkeling, but there is more to this Island of the swallows.  It is an island in the Caribbean Sea, just off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is one the 10 municipalities of the state of Quintana Roo.  The island is about 30 miles long and almost 10 miles wide.  Cozumel is surrounded by a clam aquamarine sea and is easy to access from the shore.  The island has dramatic landscapes of white sandy beaches interspersed with limestone and coral outcroppings.

Along with being quiet and peaceful, our island also offers the conveniences of any city in the world; such as high speed Internet, an International airport, well stocked grocery stores and fantastic dining.  These added value conveniences do not distract from the very visible appeal of the local atmosphere and small town Mexican charisma. Although the majority of the population lives in San Miguel, it is a small, pleasant town and very easy to navigate.  Residents gather around the plaza Sunday evenings to take in the live music and enjoy family and friends.  

North and south of the town, the western coastline is populated with hotels, condominiums and wonderful places to dine and shop. Near the town plaza the waterfront is lined with jewelry stores and souvenir shops as well.  Most of the water sport companies have docks and pick up points along this side of the island.  There are also so many great spots to snorkel along this western coastline.  This side of the island has several reefs offering these great snorkeling conditions.  During any visit one must travel to the west side of the island.  It offers a more isolated atmosphere and the often referred as the “wide side”.  There is no electricity available and the few beach restaurants and facilities operate on generators and close at sunset.  It is virtually unpopulated and has a number of pristine beaches such as Playa de San Martin, Playa Bonita, Playa El Mirador and Punta Molas.

As for traveler’s safety, there is not a safer place to visit in Mexico as our Cozumel and the Yucatan peninsula.

Cozumel is an island jewel with many facets.


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